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Tank Issues

Residential heating oil underground storage tanks (UST's) used for the storage of heating oil typically have a life expectancy of approximately 20 years. Actual tank life is highly unpredictable and may vary widely depending on soil conditions and specific tank installation practices.
Tank Removal
Tank Installations
Issues with Leaking USTs.

Tank Removal

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) estimates 25% of all bare steel UST's which remain in the ground are leaking. The DEP recommends that all residential heating oil UST's, which are greater than 10 years old be removed or closed in place with aboveground, or basement tanks. Copper lines for basement tanks should be "sleeved" to prevent abrasion if installed through concrete floors or walls.

Typical Tank Removal Includes:

- Tank excavation
- Tank Disposal (including transportation)
- Pump out of liquid in the tank
- Replacing soil in the tank grave
- Town Permit
- Notification to the Local Fire Marshall
- Notification to "CALL BEFORE YOU DIG" with release number
- One basic T.P.H (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) soil test report
- Complete report, documentation, and photographs
- A standard digging clause for extras not included

Tank Installation

Typical Tank Installation Includes:

  • One or Two 275 or 330 gallon heating oil tank(s)
  • Two inch fill pipe with fast fill adaptor
  • Two inch vent alarm
  • Tank gauge
  • New oil line to the existing oil burner
  • All necessary fittings
  • Labor to install
  • Test and check operation
  • Local permit
  • Issues with leaking USTs

    Marandola Fuel Service has the experience and has completed the training required to become a registered contractor with the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Amnesty Program for the clean-up of contaminated soil from leaking underground tanks. REG# RUSTCONID025
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