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Marandola Fuel Service can provide and install a variety of Oil Fired Heating Equipment. We feature Thermo Pride Furnaces, however we can also supply and install most major brands of heating equipment.

Typical Furnace Installation includes:

  • Oil Fired Hot Air Furnace
  • Removal and Disposal of Existing Furnace
  • Necessary Modifications to Duct Work
  • New Smoke Pipe to Chimney Base
  • Adjusts Controls, Check Operation and Efficiency
  • One Year Warranty on all Labor and Material Supplied
  • Life-Time Limited Warranty on the Heat
  • Labor to Install
  • Miscellaneous Parts and Fittings

  • Oil Fired Furnaces

    Thermo Pride

    Thermo Pride
    The Heat Exchanger
    The heat exchanger is the heart of a furnace. It is where the fuel is burned and the resulting heat transferred to the air, which circulates through your home or place of business. What are some key considerations regarding a heat exchanger?

    Metal thickness.
    The heavier (thicker) the metal the more durable and corrosion resistant the heat exchanger. Thermo Pride oil furnaces are constructed of 13 gauge hot rolled steel. The lower the gauge number the thicker the steel. Some brands of oil furnaces use 17 gauge or 18 gauge steels which are about half the thickness of 13 gauge.

    The Design
    Most brands use round or square designs because they are easy to manufacture and, therefore, less expensive. Thermo Pride has used an octagon (eight sided) shape for over forty years. The very proven octagon design is durable, provides outstanding heat transfer and, as proof of durable performance, has been backed by a limited lifetime warranty, also for over forty years. Click here for more information on ThermoPride Furnaces.

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