Shocking spike in fuel prices is hurting all of us. Click here.

The expert technicians at Marandola Fuel Service can inspect your current water heater and tell you if it’s on its last legs. And if you upgrade to a new model, you will immediately see energy savings and more reliable hot water!

Signs Your Water Heater is Struggling

On average, water heaters last about eight and 12 years. However, as they age, they lose efficiency and often require more repairs. If your hot water isn’t as dependable as it used to be — especially if your water heater is older — it’s a good idea to check for these telltale signs that it’s nearing retirement:

If you notice any of these warning signs, contact us as soon as possible to look at your equipment.

It Might be Time to Go Tankless

If you’re ready to replace your current water heater with a new, more efficient model, Marandola Fuel is ready to help you find the perfect replacement. We sell, install and service top-of-the-line products from industry lead Rinnai.
Rinnai’s tankless water heaters provide the most energy-efficient and robust water heating available. Instead of keeping a storage tank of hot water, these units heat water on-demand when you open the tap. With a Rinnai tankless model, you don’t need to choose between bathing and running the dishwasher. Plus, these super-efficient products will slash your energy expenses!

Still not convinced? You can also save money on installation! Rinnai offers a manufacturer’s discount of up to $100 — plus, you may qualify for a tax credit for installing a high-efficiency water heater!

The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can secure your equipment and schedule an installation. Contact us for a FREE estimate!

online portal

We’ll help make paying your fuel bills 100% hassle-free!

Get Rid of Paper Cluttering Your Home

Are you sick of dealing with a mountain of paperwork just to keep track of your home heating records? We understand, so we provide a complete history of your deliveries, service orders and payment transactions. You can view all of these on our online portal. There’s no need to hoard piles of bills and delivery slips — your entire history is viewable in one place!

Make Your Payments Online — Easily and Safely

When you take advantage of Marandola Fuel’s online portal, you can stop mailing checks to pay for oil and equipment maintenance. Just call our office to add your credit card to your account, and you’re all set! And if you want one less thing to keep track of, you can sign up for AutoPay and never worry about being late on a payment again!

Need Service? We’re a Keystroke Away!

The easiest way to request a fuel delivery or service for your heating system is the online portal. You don’t need to make a phone call or even get off the sofa! Just access your account on our website and request service.

Of course, our team is always available to speak if you still prefer to call!

Signing up for Marandola Fuel’s online portal is quick and easy — just find your customer account number on your bill or by contacting us. Then, you can register here.

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Annual Maintenance is Crucial to its Longevity

Let’s be honest: heating equipment loses efficiency as it ages, often as much as 5 percent efficiency each year. But you can help your system’s performance quite a bit by having a tune-up annually. In fact, four out of five heating system repairs could be prevented with routine maintenance. The pros at Marandola Fuel will give your system a thorough inspection that will:

Spring and summer are the best seasons to arrange service for your heating equipment. We always face a rush of appointments right before the cold weather begins. But right now, you’ll have a wide choice of time slots. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Our Service Plans Will Help You Rest Easy

There’s no better way to protect your oil-fired heating equipment than with Marandola Fuel’s comprehensive service plans. Our affordable plans cover your boiler, furnace or water heater. They guarantee a yearly top-to-bottom tune-up, plus coverage for replacement parts and labor that can save you serious money!

Don’t delay — now is the perfect time to tune up your heating system in advance of next year’s cold season.

Get in touch with us today to arrange service and begin coverage with one of our service plans.

Dear Marandola Fuel Customer,

We are overdue to reach out about the alarming surge in energy prices. People are astounded by how much prices have risen, and how fast. Prices were already up more than a dollar this season from the previous year because of issues related to the pandemic. Then, the Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked the energy markets, sending crude oil up over $130 per barrel as of this morning.

An existing very tight supply picture, with the news yesterday of a US embargo of Russian oil have raised heating oil costs to an all-time high.

To give you a sense of this of how this affects us and you, in the last 6 business days, the cost of heating oil has surged over $1.50/gallon.

If you fixed or capped your price this year, we will honor all commitments as we always have.

We have been through this before and we will ride this out. We have been in business over 80 years and have very strong relationships with suppliers and financial institutions. If you are having trouble paying your bill, talk to us. Many times, we can work out something to give you more time.

Nothing will make us happier than when prices start dropping. Until then, trust us to look out for you and pray for the people of Ukraine.

Thank you,
Shane Casey, Owner

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